Sunday, December 30, 2012

Life of Pi

This Christmas holiday, I went to watched a lot of films. Life of Pi is one of it. Lots of people said that this movie that is based from a novel by Yann Martel is impossible-to-film. But against all odd, Ang Lee (one of my favorite directors) could turn it into a fantastic 3D movie. I really really love the cinematography of this movie. It's so beautiful. The movie itself is attractive and thrilling. 

Pi and the Bengal Tiger, Richard Parker
The acting is good. I can't believe that this is the first time Suraj Sharma (act as teenager Pi) act in front of camera (even though it is true). Since half of the movies is about Pi try to survive in Pasific Ocean with Richard Parker that could eat him all the time, Suraj Sharma's acting as Pi is a really important matter in this film. The end is left open, just like in Inception. We couldn't really sure that the incredible story told by the adult Pi (played by Irrfan Khan) to the writer (played by Rafe Spall) is true. Overall, this is a must watched movie. Even though I find it not as touching as everyone said *o^. If you haven't watch it yet, go to the nearest movie theater! I recommend to watch it in 3D because this movie is visually stunning.


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