Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph (Movie Review)

"I'm bad, and that's good. I will never be good, and that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be than me"

I didn't have any expectation when I went to movie theater to watch Wreck-it Ralph, an animated film from Disney. I just want to kill the time and escape from reality for a while since I've been busy lately. So I was surprised to found that this movie is really good! I mean, all those hype with Madagascar 3 and the film turned out to be under my expectation while I never heard a thing about Wreck-it Ralph before and it turned out to be worth to watch!!

Ralph with Vanellope von Schweetz
This movie is about the world of video game in Litwax's Arcade where characters in it is simply play their role so people can play the games. After the game is over, they come back to their life and can travel across to meet their friends from other games. Ralph, a villain in a video game "Fix it, Felix Jr." is getting tired of his role as a villain. As he said,"It's hard to love your job, when no one else seems to like you for doing it". He longs to be as beloved as his games perfect Good Guy, Fix-It Felix. He also yearns for respect and recognition from his fellow friends. That's why he determined to win a medal to prove he also can be a hero and feel happy. The problem is, when he sneaks to a first-person shooter game called Hero's Duty to get a gold medal, he accidentally unleashes a deadly enemy that threatens every game in the arcade. Could Ralph get the recognition that he yearns before all is too late for the entire arcade? Just watch this movie and find out about it! This is the trailer!

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

The 3D animation is good. The music is good. It features some songs from Owl City, Rihanna, Skrillex and AKB48. The setting of every games are interesting, especially in Sugar Rush and Hero's duty. Character that I like the most in this movie is Sergeant Calhoun, the main character in Hero's Duty. A tough and incredible woman as you could feel from what she said before the war with Cy-bugs. ""Fear" is a four-letter word, ladies! If you wanna go pee-pee in your big-boy slacks, keep it to yourself!" wkwkwk. I cry a lot when I watch this movie. Maybe because I can relate it to my life. Don't ever think that you don't have a significant present, no matter what role you play in this world. I think that's what this movie try to say. My brother who love video games must be really like this movie if he could watch it. Even if you're an adult, this movie will still appeal to you. So what do you wait for? Watch this movie in your nearest movie theater and tell me your impression about it! By the way, this movie receive score 83 in IMDb, a pretty high score nee. Do you think  this score fit this movie?? 


  1. This movie has a lot of heart.  Disney Animation has taken a cue from PIXAR and built their wondrous animation around a deep emotional core.