Sunday, November 25, 2012

Museum Batik Danar Hadi (House of Danar Hadi)

Batik is one of the most famous traditional cloth from Indonesia. On 2 October 2009, UNESCO decided that Indonesian Batik is one of the world heritage in the category of "Masterpiece in Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity". Honestly, I didn't really fond of Batik before >////<. I wear Batik to my office, more to comply with government provision to preserve the continuity of Batik. But now, it change. I became really appreciate and respect Batik art after I went to House of Danar Hadi.

House of Danar Hadi had received MURI record as museum that has the most complete antique batik collection in the world. On 22 November 2012, I got a chance to visit it and saw batik making process. This visit really change my point of view. I realize for the first time that my Rp. 35.000 clothes with batik motif is not what you could call "Batik". It simply just an ordinary fabric with batik motif print on it, machine made : (. The real Batik cloth is man-made, with wax-resist dyeing technique. Now I realize why people said that Batik is a masterpiece. The moment I enter the museum, the scene of antique Batik that was exhibited there was taking my breath away. It's really really pretty!!! Just from see every piece of Batik there, you could feel the hard effort of people who made it! Whoever made those Batik must be put their heart and soul to made this magnificent art, make it really personal. I couldn't express what I mean well. But it's really different with those cheap imported Batik-motif fabric from China or other countries. It's no wonder if the Batik Tulis clothes is really expensive.

We prohibited to take pictures inside the museum, but we could take pictures in the Batik Workshop. Here are the pictures:

Place where people make Batik Tulis

for Batik Cap

People make Batik Cap

Waiting to add a third color

If you're interested to know the Batik making process, you could see it here. You could see the Batik collection in the Museum Batik Danar Hadi blog. I hope you would appreciate this magnificent art more, just like me!!


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