Sunday, November 4, 2012

Skyfall (Movie Review)

There's so much contradiction in people's opinion about the 23rd James Bond movie, Skyfall. Some said it's the best Bond movie ever. Other said that it's the worse. All of those opinions on internet made me hard to decide whether I would like to spend my time to watch this movie or not. Critics love it while fans of James Bond usually not. But I honestly think that every people had different taste. Just like when I love "Hugo" while my ex-boyfriend said there's nothing special about that film. Or when some people really love Twilight Saga movies while I'm not. So I made up my mind and went to Blitzmegaplex to watch it.

The movie poster
Personally, I love this movie and I think it's great. The last movie that quite give impression on me was The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, and Skyfall falls into the same level (in my opinion). It's great but those movies didn't give me anything to contemplate about, not like when I watched Forrest Gump or Inception. But that doesn't matter if you're looking for entertainment. This movie managed to made me forget reality for a while. He he he.

The actions in this movie is good. There's a balance between humors and tensions. The acting is good too. I personally love Ben Whishaw whom played as Q. Adele sing the main soundtrack of this movie and overall the music is great. What I like most is the cinematography of this movie that truly amazing!!! Beautiful! I give A+ for the cinematography.  Some James Bond fans whining about the lack of sexual scenes and Bond girls in this movie. Well, I really don't mind! I hate when producer put too many sexual scenes in a movie to attract viewer!

Even though this movie is great, there are few things that made me wonder such as:
  1. What's happened with the list of agents that was stolen? Is Silva stole it and leaked the information on the internet only as a revenged to M or there's someone else that order him? It's a little bit hazy.
  2. Why James Bond didn't request reinforcement and prefer to take Silva by himself when he travel to Scotland with M to lure Silva into his trap?
  3. Is James Bond a really cold person? I'm not really familiar with James Bond so I don't really know about his personality. I mean, in this movie, he's not a typical hero that wouldn't let innocent people get killed. He's not showing any emotion nor prevent his enemy killed innocent people in front of his eyes. But maybe, as an agent, his mission is the first priority that he couldn't take any action that could ruin his mission.
Although some people said that this movie is too long, I still recommend you to watch it!


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