Monday, October 29, 2012


Wageningen is a small city in Netherland which famous for its agriculture. Rumor said that the citizens of this city choose a university over a train station, hence Wageningen don't have a train station until now. But it has a famous university which called Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR), a place where I went to received a training in risk assessment.

Since it's just a small city, Wageningen is a very quiet and peaceful place. There's a lot of farms there, so the city is also very green.  Sadly, due to my busy training schedule, I didn't have time to go for sight seeing there. Moreover, in Netherland, almost all stores is closed a 5 pm while my training schedule last in 6 pm so I didn't have much time to shop too. But I managed to take some pictures in Wageningen.

View of street in Wageningen

The computer room for the training

It's so green here

It's autumn, so the color of the tree is very nice

A horse in a farm in Wageningen

The street is never crowded

This is the student housing where I stayed 

An example of bus shelter in Wageningen

The bus stop. In small city like Wageningen, bus comes once in 30 minutes


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