Friday, October 12, 2012


As I ever say, I don't only like music from Japan and Korea but also from all over the world. For example, one of my favorite band is Phoenix that come from France. They've already have 4 studio album but honestly I just found out their existent in 2009 when they release their 4th album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

Cover from Phoenix' 4th Album

Lisztomania is the first song that I heard from them and I was quickly in love with Phoenix' music which I would describe as alternative rock with New Wave touch. Here is the video of Lisztomania on Youtube:

If you interested, you could download this song here.

Another song that I love from that album and probably their most renowned one is 1901. You could download it here and this is the video of their live performance on Youtube:

Hear their previous songs from their previous albums like "If I Ever Feel Better", "Everything is Everything" and "Run Run Run" also doesn't hurt^^. Ah, they also have been preparing for their next album. So, be sure to give them a listen. 


  1. I found them like 2 years ago, and still waitung for their new songs! :D