Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hate on the Internet

There's something I've been thinking a lot lately about all that hate statement, mockery and insult that circulating on internet. As someone that rarely have negative feeling toward something, I try to give this phenomenon an afterthought. And these are my conclusions:

  • People hate something because a lot of people hate it
This is the most common thing that I found. People more likely to insult something that hated by a lot of people, sometimes even without reasons. In fact, some of those people didn't even know about things that they insult. I ever heard a friend mock a band that hated by many people on internet, said their music is trash and have no value. But when I ask him the example of "trash songs" from that band, he admit that he never heard their music *o*. It's astonishing how ridiculous people can be, isn't it?

When someone hate something, I hope it's because they truly doesn't like it, not because they see a lot of people hate it or because they're afraid people will mock him/her if he/she say he/she doesn't hate it. If that's the case, don't you think it's pathetic?

  • People hate something because a lot of people love it
Justin Bieber, the Pop phenomenon
We have to realize that people love to hate as much as to love. And I have to admit that when you see a lot of people love something too much, actually more like worshiping, it's become really annoying. Ha ha ha. For example, a lot of people hate Justin Bieber nowadays. Personally, I don't think his music is that bad. It's not great but it's not bad too. I mean, there's certainly worse artist than Justin Bieber out there. But why there are overwhelming numbers of Justin Bieber haters? I think it's because:

  1. People think he doesn't deserve what he achieved now. There are certainly a lot of better artist than him that doesn't get as many attention that he gets. It makes fans from that other artist irritated to see him. I feel the same too. A lot of my favorite artist with such inspiring lyrics, great music and great musical ability doesn't get attention and love that they deserve. But well, everyone taste is different so what can I do? I might be in love with M83, Mew, the Hush Sound, Foster the People, The Whitest Boy Alive, Klaxons and Vampire Weekend, but it doesn't mean everyone around me found that their music is appealing. It makes me feel a little bit sad.
  2. People hate the artist because they hate their fans. It's true. Some people can be so annoying when they become a big fans of something. Fanatic fans tend to start a war even if someone only critics their idol a bit. Some of that fans even bashing other fandom or other people. It's really annoying. It's oke if you worship your favorite artist. football club, etc but please don't humiliate others. I remember when I go to stream "Somebody to Love" by BigBang in Youtube and Justin Bieber fans comment about how dare BigBang to have same song title  to Justin Bieber and how this BigBang song  is a crappy song if you compare it to Justin Bieber's "Somebody to Love". I found this kind of people in every fandom that I know and it got me irritated. The way fans worship their idols can get people hate those idols even though the idols itself don't have any mistake. 
  • People hate something because "that's the way it is"
It's like how a lot of Real Madrid fans always hate Barcelona and vise versa or how a lot of Manchester United fans usually love to mock Liverpool. I've been told that there's historical reason for their rivalry. But still, I don't really get this kind of hate. Maybe I would never get to understand it.

  • People hate something for no reasons, they just want to hate it
This is one of the most depressing. I can't even find words to say about this.

Well, this is just a random thought. Feel free to express your thought about this! 


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