Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Epik High - Up

This is song that lately been playing over and over again in my smartphone. I really like this song! As usual the lyrics is so good. Good job Tablo-ssi!!! The melody is nice, the rap is nice, Park Boom's voice give somewhat rock feeling to this hip-hop track. Epik High fans from the past might have a long time to adjust with Epik High new style but according to me, I like them more when they made something that raise our spirit like this song. This is the video on their official channel on Youtube:

And this is from their performance on Inkigayo:

Gosh! Have I tell you that I really like this song? I ever rip this song from their MV. If you're interested, you can download it here.

One thing that I really like from this song is its lyrics that goes like this:

No pain, no gain. 
No rain, no rainbow.
No hurricane, tornado can ever stop me.

Those lyrics pump my spirit. You could find the full lyrics here.

So, what do you think about this song? Do you love it too?  


  1. woah.. I love this song too!! I feel strange with "don't hate me" though at first (have you heard it?) It feel more rock than their usual hip hop. And their style change a lot! But I really like Up!! Moreover their performance in inkigayo was so full of spirit and energetic. I like the part when dj tukutz jump out and they started dance rock on together!! :D

    1. I love "don't hate me" too, but I like this song more. While my sister really love "don't hate me" : ). Poor Dj Tukutz. He's always in the back, but finally in the end he can go to the front and dance along :)