Thursday, October 4, 2012

Epik High

As I've already posted before, lately I'm in love with a Hip Hop Artist named Tablo. Because I love Tablo-ssi, I've been trying to find his previous work, most notably with his group, Epik High. Oh boy, I really love this group! Epik High consist of 3 musicians: TabloMithra Jin and DJ Tukutz. 

Epik High with someone that I don't know >////< 
I heard they're going to release an album this month. I'm excited! But before, let me share some Epik High MV! 

Epik High - Run
Love this song and the MV is really touching

Epik High - Wanna be
The first time I see this MV I yelled, "What the H**l! Ha ha ha.
The video is so absurd but really funny. My stomach hurt from laughing

Epik High - High Technology

This video is the continuation of Wanna Be MV

Epik High - Fan
Love this song

That's just some of their song. What do you think?


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