Sunday, October 14, 2012

BigBang Alive Tour 13 October 2012 in Jakarta - Live Concert Report

Before you're going to read this personal live concert report, I warn you that I'm a really honest and straight-forward person that even though BigBang is one of artists that I like (as you can see from my blog posts), I'm not gonna simply praise or commend their performance. I also will point out every shortcomings and flaws that I saw. Moreover, I often went to live concerts from various artists which make I have a quite high standard to appraise a live concertLuckily, the source of my dissatisfaction of this live concert was not mainly because BigBang but because of the promoter, and to a little extent, because of the audience. Now, I would tell you my experience yesterday!

I came to the live concert venue, Mata Elang International Stadium (MEIS) at 10.20 am. I really appreciate efforts made by BigBang Indonesia, BigBang Fan Community in Indonesia, to arrange VIPs round trip from several meeting points near our house in Jakarta to and from MEIS. When we arrived at MEIS, a lot of people already queing! Just imagine a lot of people queing under the hot sun! I can't really get it since MEIS location is near the sea (it's freaking hot!!) and the gate will be open at 6 pm, yet I heard they've been queuing from 7 am in the morning. I can't really get it too why SCTV held a broadcast event which presented Cherrybelle, a girlband that I think is hated by most K-Pop fans in Indonesia, near the queuing location. People was queuing while I and my friend sitting, eating and chatting about BigBang.
People queuing under the sun so they use their umbrella
There's no mobile phone signal in MEIS T^T, I couldn't use the internet. I and my friend finally decided to join the queue at 2 pm and there our misery began. Fortunately we make some friends there so we wasn't feel lonely and it's not too boring. 
We enter the concert venue at about 6.30 pm. I managed to take a picture of people queuing behind me.
Looks how messy the queue was!!
Honestly, I never come to a concert with messier queue from this concert. Why, you ask? Usually the queue is divided according to the category e.g, VIP, Festival, Tribun, all have their own line and queue. Even thought the door to enter the live concert venue is only one, usually it was designed in a way that it was impossible e.g for tribun ticket holder to go to festival and vice versa. There must be a ticket rechecking to ensure that only the rightful people could sit in their respective seat. In this concert, there is no ticket rechecking and people with the Tribun 2c ticket that was located at the backmost of the stage could easily sneak up to Tribun 1 that was located in front of Tribun 2c. T^T. People with Tribun ticket could also easily sneak up to Standing A or B that was located near the stage! Do you know how serious this problem was?? The Standing A and B was very very crowded, not as it should be. And the Tribun 1 ticket holder couldn't sit in Tribun 1 because the seat was full!! Obviously, some disrespectful Tribun 2 ticket holders slyly sitting at Tribun 1.  
The view of the stage from my seat in Tribun 1
Let's forget the previous gloomy note and move on to the performance instead! This is the setlist of BigBang Alive Tour 13 October in Jakarta! As usual, I was focused to enjoy the performance so please correct me if I made mistakes with the setlist.
1. Alive (Intro)
2. Tonight
3. Hands Up
4. Fantastic Baby
5. How Gee
6. Stupid Liar
7. Ppeokigayo
8. High High
9. Strong Baby
10. What Can I Do
11. Gara Gara Go
12. Number 1
13. Cafe
Crayon (Short part)
One of a Kind (Short part)
14. Bad Boy
15. Blue
16. Love Song
17. Monster
18. Feeling
19. Look Only At Me
20. Wedding Dress
21. Wings
22. Haru Haru
23. Lies
24. Last Farewell
25. Heaven
26. Bad Boy
27. Fantastic Baby
From GD Instagram. Taeyang and GD wear traditional clothes from Indonesia. Taeyang try to play "Suling"
Overall the performance was good. The stage was awesome and so did the live band. The sound system was good too. My friend that have already watched Super Junior Show and SM Town in Indonesia even said that this is the most amazing K-pop concert that she had attended. This is the first K-pop concert that I attended so I can't commented anything about her statement ^^ but I guess this might be true since BigBang really use live band so the atmosphere must be different from minus-one concert. 
Euphoria from the audience could be felt from the time we waited in the concert venue. Fans was chanting, "BigBang! BigBang!" even before the five boys made their flashy entrance in which they were plotted as heroes to save the world. It was difficult to hear the members' voice during the Intro (Alive) and Tonight which was not their fault but because the screaming of the audience was too loud. At that time I didn't mind because I understand fans excitement and I enjoy time when we sang together. But in some songs, I felt that the audience screams at the inappropriate times. I understand that most of fans in Indonesia love TOP, that's why the cheers was the most loud when TOP appear on the screen and rap. But honestly, I came to this concert to hear BigBang's voice and see their performance. It's a little bit annoying that rather than hear TOP sexy voice, all I could hear was fans screams that ringing my ears (and yes, TOP really have deep and sexy voice that I could barely heard because all of those screams. Just saying). Taeyang voice was good. Well, even thought he couldn't reach high notes in some songs and out of breath. I guess it's because he's really hyper. Always dancing and sometime I thought he was somewhat without bone because his body really flexible. He strip off twice in the concert. Everybody was screaming but honestly I'm not interested in a man's body so I didn't get the euphoria. Seungri's voice was really nice. Nicer than in the recording. And he was really handsome ^^. His dancing was really awesome too. Aww.. GD's voice was somewhat ... hmmm... I couldn't find the right word to convey it... hmmm... Shriller?? If you guys want to know, the only thing that prevent me to say GD is my bias in Bigbang is because I can't stand his voice. Ha ha ha. That's why I choose Daesung as my bias. But GD make a nice job to sing in Cafe and Love Song. It's a joy to see him moves. He has this kind of attractiveness that made me only see his dance in Love Song. Ah.. I hope I could dance like him. As expected, Daesung's voice is amazing. I think I ever said that he is the main reason why I love BigBang. I really enjoy his angelic voice and angelic smile (he smile a lot!) and probably would enjoy it more if the audience' screams wasn't too loud when Daesung sang his parts. Fortunately, the screams wasn't too loud in every song, therefore I could record Daesung's angelic voice when he sang his solo song, Wing, that I uploaded to Youtube below. Enjoy!!

Taeyang was the most hyper one in this concert. He speaks in English and said Aku Cinta Padamu (I love you in Bahasa). The audience went crazy after heard that! Ha ha ha. Seungri speaks a lot of English too. He even teach us how to dance Fantastic Baby and the concert venue quickly turn into Seungri Academy (laugh).  When he finally said something in Bahasa Indonesia, all he said was, "Dimana toilet?", which mean "where's the toilet?" (laugh). He played with all the Panda dolls that fans throw at him and finally arranged it so it resembles a Panda Family (laugh). Ah.. Seungri is so cute. And as usual, he record the encore using Samsung Galaxy S3 that BigBang endorse. Daesung was so adorable, trying to speak in English and Bahasa. Unfortunately sometimes fans are too noisy so I couldn't tell what he said. But well, I thanks God that I still can hear he said, "Selamat Malam" which mean "Good night". In the encore, he throw his jacket to audience in Standing A. Fans really excited to catch it which resulted in a lot of fans fall down and make a hole in the Standing A. Ha ha ha. Daesung was surprised to see it and GD come to pat him on his arm, maybe to remind him. GD wear blangkon, a Javanese traditional hat that made Indonesia fans really happy. TOP didn't say much. When he tried to say something in English he got confused and ended up saying things in Korean instead. Oh my! Ha ha ha.. He's too cute nee. He didn't seem too lively or playful, just like his usual calm and cool self, except when he play happily in the encore when Daesung pour water at TOP's head. He then played with water with Seungri and Daesung. I guess TOP was surprised when one of Indonesia fans hugged him!!! Ah.. that sly girl. According to my friend in Standing B, she pretended to faint so the security came and pull her out from the barrier that separated the audience and TOP. And when she's already out, she just came at TOP and hugged him!!! Oh my God! Ha ha ha. But the security quickly pull her away from TOP. 

Something worth noting is Taeyang's warning to Indonesia audience. He threaten to not continuing the show if the audiences in the back part of Standing A and B push their friends on the front. A lots of fans fainting because of this. Seungri also said repeteadly please don't push each other. As a fellow fans, I understand that we got excited to see our idol closely but it's not a justified reason to threat the other's safety. It's partly the promoter's fault though. As I mention above, the Standing A and B was really crowded.

Despite all of those shortcomings, this concert was great (though it still couldn't make me move on from Alice Nine's performance in JRock Evolution. Gargghhh.. I want Alice Nine one-man concert so badly!). The scenery when Indonesia VIPs switched on their crown sticks was too amazing. It's a pity that the Golden Wave and Hand Banner mission was not success. When we carried out the mission blue, there are some people that wasn't turn off their yellow lightstick, made the scenery was mixed of blue and yellow light. I enjoyed singing together in every songs (the venue was shaking because our excitement). What's makes me a little bit sad is because the encore was so short. Hikz. Maybe it's because GD have to come back to Seoul early to prerecord his performance (it's only rumor that I heard from friend).  I look forward to their next performance in Indonesia!!


  1. arrgghh I was in standing B, and I started thingking tribune seat is much better at least you got view.. I agree with you, I came for bigbang's voices and performances.. Not for screaming crazily :(

    1. awww... it's so sad to hear that you didn't get to view them clearly. I heard that many people faint in standing B. Was that true? I hope you didn't get hurt

    2. Yes many people faint, but I'm still alive! hahah.. yeah it's just so sad, I hope I'll get other chances to see them again

  2. thank you for this report^^
    so much fun and precious moment in makes me feels as if i was part of the concert too hehe
    how i wish i there..ah forever envy you~

    1. Don't worry. Our boys promised us to come again! In the meantime, let's prepare our money so we could watch BigBang next concert in Indonesia!!