Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Adventure on October 27th, 2012 - Maastricht

Since my training was ended on October 26th, on October 27th I got opportunity to went to Maastricht and on the following day, I went to Amsterdam. My first plan was to go to Volendam and Amsterdam but since my friends here wanted to go Maastricht, I ended up went there instead. Moreover, I loved history. So it's a good experience for me since Maastricht is the oldest town in Netherland with lot of historical places. Do you know that it is the city where Europe Union born? This place is near the border of 3 countries, Netherland, Germany and Belgia. Here are some pictures that I takes in Maastricht:

Train station in Maastricht. Since it was so cold, I don't really take care about my appearance.
All I know was, if I cover all of my body until I looks like a ninja turtle, maybe I wouldn't feel so cold. He he

There's a second hand market on the street. This was the first time I really see clothes made from real animal.

Flower shop

I came to this museum

Place of European Union Treaty. If I'm not wrong

This church was build in 1300

Birds was scrambling for food

By the way, in Netherland, Walls ice cream is called Ola
It was a cold and tired day. I hate cold places. T^T. No matter how pretty other country is, I still prefer to live in Indonesia. He he he. What do you think? Maastricht is quite pretty, isn't it?


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