Monday, October 22, 2012

Adventure on 20 - 21 October 2012 - Go to Netherland!!

Since my work is mainly related to risk assessment of cosmetic and its ingredients, my company sent me to attend a short course of Risk Assessment in Wageningen University that made me have to go to Netherland and stay there for a week. This is my first time to go overseas so I should be excited right? In fact, I felt indifferent. But as I arrived in  Netherland, I experienced many things that made me gradually feel excited. Throughout my journey from Jakarta to Wageningen, I've been chatting with 5 Dutch, 1 Indonesian that go to Netherland to attend a different  training, 2 Indonesian that live in Netherland, 2 people from Africa (Nigeria and Sierra Leone) and 1 people from China.

At first, I underestimated Netherland. I thought this country would be a really dry country without much trees. Silly me. Netherland is quite famous for its farms so of course this country, especially in small city like Wageningen, is very green, have many farms and forest too. The scenery in Amsterdam is not very different from Jakarta, except the transportation in Amsterdam is well ordered. I don't have any problems to travel from Amsterdam to Wageningen. I hope Jokowi could fix Jakarta's transportation. When I have to transit in Kuala Lumpur Airport, I saw that even Malaysia had better transportation systems than Jakarta! Ouch!

In Kuala Lumpur International Airport
In Kuala Lumpur International Airport
In the Train Station, Schipol Airport, Amsterdam
The train in Schipol Airport, Amsterdam
There's lift to get down to the station so it's comfortable for people with heavy luggage like me
By the way, this man from Shanghai thought I was come from China too, so he approached me and then
 speak chinese to me. Wkwkwk
The double decker train
View inside the train. Clean and comfortable
View from the train to Wageningen
Ede-Wageningen Station
The Train. Clean and comfortable
Bus in Wageningen. Clean, big, comfortable and in good condition. How I wish the Transjakarta Bus is like this
View of withered tree in Wageningen. It's autumn here!
It's now autumn in Netherland so the outside temperature is about 5-10 Celsius degree. I don't like cold places, and what makes it worse is the rasping wind in Netherland. Just imagine how strong winds from a country that use wind power to produce electricity. I really wish I wouldn't get sick from the weather here. By the way, Indonesian people here are really nice! I look forward to attend my course today. Wish me luck!


  1. good luck mbok eka!! can't wait for your next story and report from netherland :)

  2. wow!! you actually go to netherland!! cool!! :)

    1. I enjoyed my time there. Except for the cold weather and the food