Sunday, September 23, 2012

Adventure on September 22th, 2012

Today I have to work overtime which make me fail to fulfill my plan to go jogging and enjoy the car free day in Bundaran Hotel Indonesia (aka Bundaran HI) T^T. Fortunately, yesterday I went to Grand Indonesia Shopping Town to exchange my e-ticket to BigBang Alive Tour concert ticket and have some fun. I'm not a professional photographer, I don't have any interest or sense in photography but I love to take pictures. Here are the pictures!

This is Bundaran HI, one of the most frequent places that I visit

Another picture of Bundaran HI

I thought it's going to be a long queuing but it turn out that I didn't have to spend a long time to got the ticket 

Blitz corner. You can print your movie ticket here if you have BlitzCard

Jakarta scenery as you can see from Blitzmegaplex

Blitzmegaplex Grand Indonesia, my favorite Movie Theater

It's been a long time that I never go to Magnum Cafe. This Spaghetti was so tasty 

I love this advertisement^^. Creative and true for a chocolate lover like me
I became broke yesterday T^T because I go to Gramedia Book Store and spend lots of money to buy books!!!! Oh My... Wish me luck so I don't have to busk or be a busker in Jakarta street to survive.


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