Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Thieves, Korean Movie

Because of the advertisement, I was interested to watch The Thieves and end up watched it yesterday. I was surprised to found out that Kim Soo Hyun, one of my favorite Korean actor, playing one of the character here. Ho ho ho. The Thieves is currently the 2nd highest grossing movie all the time in Korea. Some people say it's like Ocean's Eleven. I never watch Ocean's Eleven before but some people said that movie is cool, that's why I was hope that The Thieves is a cool movie too.

The Thieves promotional poster
Personally, I thought this movie is one of the movie that will entertain you when you watch it in movie theater but you'll completely forget about it in the next week. It doesn't give me something to be contemplated and I don't give it an afterthought. It doesn't touch my heart. But overall, this movie is enjoyable. In some point I even hold my breath because it's so tense and I was anticipating what will happen next. The action is quite good. The plot is nice but a little bit silly. There are some twist in the story but it's predictable (maybe because I've already watched too many movies XD). I thought some scene is unnecessary, but it depend on your taste. The Thieves feels like one of those mainstream blockbuster Hollywood movies, and fall into the same shortcoming. The story is shallow, but hey, so what? It's not like this movie is created to get award or to be classic. So sit down, eat your popcorn and enjoy!


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