Saturday, September 29, 2012

Adventure on September 29th, 2012 - Jak Japan Matsuri

Well, actually I have lots of things to do today. But since I got bored and maybe a little bit stress, I want to go out to change atmosphere. Jak Japan Matsuri is held every year in Jakarta. I've already go in 2010 and 2011 and always at the closing ceremony. In 2012, the closing ceremony will be held tomorrow. That's why I decide to come today to Jak Japan Matsuri in Plaza Senayan instead.

Here are the pictures:

The Transjakarta bus that I take was break down and can't move. That's why I end up take a taxi instead
The Photo Exhibition

The story of Sumo

The stage

The cosplayer

Lots of children want to take pictures with the cosplayer

Tokusatsu cosplay show

Another cosplay show

Doraemon fans meeting

Costume of Sumo Referee 
There were Kendo Demonstration and band performance from Rosemary Marian too but unfortunately my smartphone battery were running out and low, hence I couldn't take pictures.  I even participate when they dance along Golden Bomber's song, "Memeshikute". Aigoo. Ha ha ha. Honestly, when I watch Rosemary Marian performance, all that I thought was whether I could see Alice Nine members if  I sit in the VIP section. I was tried to imagine the concert layout in Skenoo Hall. (^o*).

That's all for today. Isn't I revealing too much things about myself on internet? Hmmm...


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