Friday, September 21, 2012

A Hope Named Jokowi

Yesterday is the election day where Jakarta citizens, including me, have to choose the next governor for 2012 - 2017. The result is not come out yet but from the Quick Count calculation, Jokowi is expected to win this election against Foke, the incumbent. A new Governor has elected, bringing new hope for a new-and hopefully better-Jakarta.

I ever heard something interesting when I watched Queen Seon Deok, a Korean colossal drama, on television. This drama, which tell us story of a girl named Deok Man and her journey in becoming the first female ruler of Silla Kingdom, is really inspiring. Wait a minute! Why do I suddenly talk about Queen Seon Deok? Aren't I supposed to talk about Jokowi?^^ *sweating

What is the connection between Queen Seon Deok and Jokowi, a soon-to-be Governor of Jakarta? 
Before I write further, let me tell you more about the background of Queen Seon Deok Story.  That time Korea is divided to 3 big Kingdoms, Goguryeo, Bakjae and Silla. One day, Deok Man have to solve a riddle to win support from Moon No, the 8th leader of Hwarang Warriors. The riddle is about Silla's Ancestor biggest dream and she found out it was the unity of 3 kingdoms. That's really a big dream nee, because of course uniting 3 different kingdoms is not an easy task. But Deok Man insist that she could make that big dream a reality. When Moon No challenge her about how she could do it, she replied, "It's hope. I will be their hope. I will make all people in this kingdom have the same dream like me. Dream about a prosperous land to live. Dream about never have to worry when other kingdoms will attack Silla. The one and only way to make it happen is to unify the 3 kingdoms. I will ensure that every living people in Silla dream about this, always think about this. I will ensure that my people even breathe from this dream.  That way I could lead them to make it reality".

I really think that what she said is right. A good leader is not only have to good in managing his/her people but also give them "hope". Hope about a better future. Hope about a better live. This hope will bring them to act together and make it a reality. Actually, if you ask me what's the thing that this country need the most, I would answer it loudly. Hope.

Indonesian people have long lost their confidence in their country
Indonesian people have long lost their hope that this country someday will be free from corruption
Jakarta citizens have long lost their hope that this city someday will be free from traffic jam
Jakarta citizens have long lost their hope that this city someday will be free from flood
Jakarta citizens have long lost their hope.....

I think Jokowi could win this election because his figure bring a new hope for a better Jakarta.

Joko Widodo which more renowed as Jokowi
I'm not a big fan of Jokowi, but I sincerely hope that he could make improvement in Jakarta, especially the public transportation. Well, a city is a reflection of its citizens. So, let's support whoever Jakarta Governor will be to make this city a better one!