Saturday, September 1, 2012

10 of My Favorite Android Applications

OMG. I can't stop laughing when I read this post on 9gag
It's no doubt that I really love my Android Smartphone. Here is list of 10 android applications in my Samsung Galaxy S II that make my life happier and easier. Let's get started!

  • Aldiko
As a bibliophile, this application really suits me. You could download and read many books on your android phone with this application. I accidentally found Kurt Vonnegut's work through this application and since then become an avid fans of him.

  • Tubemate
You could download videos on Youtube right to your smartphone with Tubemate. This application really makes me happy!!

  • G-tunes Music Downloader
You could download music mp3 through this application. What I love the most about G-Tunes is that it provide us music charts. Since I don't really hear radios nowadays, this application help me to know which song is popular. If you're interested to one song in the chart, simply just click it and this application will download it for you. This really makes my life easier.. he he he

  • Soundhound
Hear a song in some place and don't know who sing it? Like a song, want to download it but forget the artist and the title? Simply just humming the tone and this application will search it for you!

  • Expenses Manager
This application really help me to manage my income and expense.

  • World newspapers
Read newspaper from all over the world with just this one application.

  • Tune in Radio
Listen to radios all around the world with this application. It help me with my listening lesson when I learn languages such as English and Japanese.

  • Solo lite
I could play guitar and make a song with this application when I'm not with my lovely guitar, Yamapi. It help me in tuning my guitar too.

  • Viz
I could download videos from numerous sites such as dailymotion, vimeo, funny or die, etc. Love it!!

  • Go Launch
A really handy application to change your android appearance and themes.

There are a lots of good applications on Google play such as Google Sky, Evernote, Photofunia, Cartoon Camera, Talking Tom, etc. I personally has around 100 application on my phone. Do you know other interesting application? Please tell me!



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