Friday, August 31, 2012

September Wish

For me, there's nothing special about September. Well, except that one of my best friend was born on September 3rd and one of my favorite song to play on guitar is "Wake me up when September end" by Green Day. Really, there's nothing particularly very important in this month. But out of nowhere suddenly I want to change a lot of things, and I want to start from this September.

There's a lot of things that I want to fix about myself but for now I only have 3 wishes!!

  1. I promise myself to get closer to God. I don't know why, I think I'm getting further away since I came to Jakarta. We really can't take this city lightly! Since I have a lot of stress due to my work, I tend to runaway and find consolation in things like games, movies, music, shopping sphere and internet. Rather than pray, I wasted my time to overcome negative emotions that pile up inside of me with those things. But I honestly think that the most peaceful time for me is when I pray to God. I remember those times when I love to share all of my thought, feelings, worries, and fear when I pray. For me, God is my ultimate consolation. Try to runaway from all of things that make me stress just make thing worse and is not good for my soul.
  2. I want to meet new friends!! I want to expand my horizon and exchange ideas with new people. Lately I feel like I don't have any progress in my competencies and thinking abilities. I'm stuck. I've been working for more than 2 years, yet my capabilities is the same, if not decreasing. The problem is almost all of my time, 5 days a week (sometimes 6 days), 9 hours a day (often more), I spent it with same people. Sometimes when I accidentally bump into someone that I didn't know (like in the concert) then have a nice chat with them, it feels like a fun intermezzo in my life. It's a pity if I couldn't optimized my potential.
  3. I promise to be more well-organized. Well, my randomness is somewhat my charm but I really think I need to be neater. The way I organize all the things that I have to do e.g my work lately is horrible, my mind need to be more well-ordered. This is not easy since I'm more an "Artist" type than "Science" type, but I'll try.
I really hope that I could fulfill all of those wishes. Wish me luck! Ganbarimasu yo!


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