Monday, August 6, 2012

Lazy and Crazy

It's been more than one month that I never update my blog!!!!!!
Lazy me!!!

Honestly, it really feels like I was catching "Lazy Syndrome" just like that famous song from Bruno Mars, the Lazy Song. FYI, even thought many people love that song, I never really like it. But why? Sighh.. Why do that song seems fit me? All I do all day after finished my work just listening to the music, watching videos, reading my twitter timeline, my facebook timeline, news on internet and comments from the people. Geez, if you wanna lose hope in humanity, just read people's comments on internet. That's the fastest way and you'll be like, "Earth is full of idiot people".  I don't know that internet could be this addictive.  I mean, you know that watching and reading all those things on internet won't do any good for you in real life, but still you couldn't help to spend your entire time on it. Ha ha. What?? I'm not the only one like that?? Feels so much better to hear it. ^0^

But I really think that I must end up this period of "Lazy Syndrome" and start to do something more useful like update my blogs with more information. There are many things that I want to post such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Heavy Metal in Cosmetics so I would put up a fight to get away from my bed's temptation. Wish me luck!!

This is a scenery in Central Java but it reminded me of My Hometown, Bali 
Last week I got a break from my job and went back to my home sweet home, Bali. I'm so happy!! Although I catch a common cold there but I managed to meet with 2 of my best friends and went crazy to karaoke with my siblings and cousin!! It feels so fantastic that we began and end our fun time by singing BigBang's "Fantastic Baby". Wow!! Fantastic Baby! Dance *begin to dancing crazily*. I want to post some pictures of my beautiful and handsome family, but since I just get that nasty incident regarding my photos on facebook, I think it's better to not post it anywhere. Yeah, some random people (I don't know if he/she likes me, hates me or just some troll with lot of leisure time) create an account using my photos pretending to be me. The worst part is he/she post really nasty line under my name. The best part is my brother is some kind of little hacker that the moment he found that account he deleted it immediately. I guess bad things can still happen on facebook even if you already set that only your friends could see your profile and photos. Silly me. : (

Be careful on internet and please look forward to my post!


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