Friday, August 17, 2012

FT Island - Top Secret

Honestly, at first I feel annoyed by this band and not particularly love their music (innocence smile). My friend that love Korean music ever recommended this band to me but I decided to not listen to their song at that time. I was getting more interested to them when one of my favorite guitarist, Hiroto-kun from Alice Nine, praise FT Island and become a fan of its vocalist, Lee Hong Ki. I wonder, what kind of band is this FT Island? Why they could attract attention from Hiroto-kun? "Woah, they must be some kind of great band!!", that's what I thought at that time. I even try to find their song in Youtube and download the music video. But ladies and gentlemen, I guess maybe I pick the wrong song to listen that my reaction to their music is, "what? only like this??". Ha ha ha.

Maybe my expression when I heard "Hello Hello" is like this. Sorry FT Island, I'm not really impressed >0<. He he he 
The first song from them that I listened is "Hello Hello". Don't get me wrong ^o^, that song is quite good. Even my siblings love that song! But sorry, ithat song made me think that they try too hard to appeal to K-pop lover (since I heard that they're a rock band). I listened other song too. I forget the title and I was not impressed too (bitter smile). But this started to change after I listened songs from their newest Japanese single, "Top Secret" that out on August 8th, 2012!!

This is my opinions of the songs:

  • Top Secret
Actually this song is quite good and interesting. It gives alternative rock vibe annd mature feeling especially the guitar sound.  Unfortunately I find this song rather boring because it's too repetitive in some parts. If you're interested, you could download Top Secret here.
  • Beloved
This song is the one which change my whole opinion of FT Island. "Eh.., they could make song like this?", that's what I thought the first time I listen to this song. If feels so "Japanese rock" >.<. A little bit remind me of Luna Sea's style. No wonder Hiroto-kun like them since he's a fan of Luna Sea. This song has dark feels to it. I haven't search the lyrics and meaning of this song yet but I could imagine this is a heart-break song. It deliver pains, sorrows and poignant really well. I recommend you to hear this song, you could download it here.
  • Here
This is an easy listening love song. I recommend it to people who like to listen to pop or uncomplicated song. Download it here.

After that, I listen to all FT Island discography! I have come to the conclusion that I love all their Japanese release & selected release of their Korean songs! That's all. Hope you like it ^o*.


  1. I think you have a wrong idea about Hiroto's taste of music f^__^;;)

    Pon is not that rock-ish kind of listener. He listens to almost everything (like Saga) :DD Like.... He even listened to Justin Timberlake.... *insert awkward silence here*

    He even once said in Alice9Channel (the special episode for Gemini release), he tend to be 'the guy' who take rest from what their (musical things) usually doing. ((and boom! Here comes Kasumi! XD))
    So, from here, we will get a good idea that, Hiroto IS listening to various kind of genre, including FT Island's kind. ^^ Btw FT Island is not the typical rock band. Theirs is typically pop rock (somehow, you can relate it to Alice Nine's Niji no Yuki's or Ruri no Ame's sound :D).

    Sorry for ranting on your comment section. I just... kinda hurt when you said something like that to FT Island. I'm not their biggest fan but still.... I respect them most because lots of things (they really have been through A LOT), including how Hiroto fanboy-ed them. :)

    1. No. No. You don't have to be sorry for having different opinion with me. When I read my post back, it sure give you ideas that I hate pop song and think that rock music is a more superior genre than pop, which is not true ^^. I love many kinds of music, from pop to jazz, funk to R&B. I even like Justin Timberlake (he has some good songs), CN Blue and Big Bang. It's just the difference between expectation and reality and maybe wrong song of choice too. Of course I know Hiroto love many kinds of music and tend to be the pop-side of Alice Nine. But because I heard that FT Island is an amazing rock band, I kind of expect some compelling guitar solo and sophisticated arrangement in their song, which I did not hear from "Hello, hello" (even though it's a good song, as I said in my post). Maybe I would not be an Alice Nine fans if the first song that I heard from them is Shooting Star (beautiful song but too generic). I mean this post as an example that you could not just judge a Band by merely listen to 1 or 2 of their songs. Sorry if it's hurt you instead ^^.