Friday, August 17, 2012

FT Island - Top Secret

Honestly, at first I feel annoyed by this band and not particularly love their music (innocence smile). My friend that love Korean music ever recommended this band to me but I decided to not listen to their song at that time. I was getting more interested to them when one of my favorite guitarist, Hiroto-kun from Alice Nine, praise FT Island and become a fan of its vocalist, Lee Hong Ki. I wonder, what kind of band is this FT Island? Why they could attract attention from Hiroto-kun? "Woah, they must be some kind of great band!!", that's what I thought at that time. I even try to find their song in Youtube and download the music video. But ladies and gentlemen, I guess maybe I pick the wrong song to listen that my reaction to their music is, "what? only like this??". Ha ha ha.

Maybe my expression when I heard "Hello Hello" is like this. Sorry FT Island, I'm not really impressed >0<. He he he 
The first song from them that I listened is "Hello Hello". Don't get me wrong ^o^, that song is quite good. Even my siblings love that song! But sorry, ithat song made me think that they try too hard to appeal to K-pop lover (since I heard that they're a rock band). I listened other song too. I forget the title and I was not impressed too (bitter smile). But this started to change after I listened songs from their newest Japanese single, "Top Secret" that out on August 8th, 2012!!

This is my opinions of the songs:

  • Top Secret
Actually this song is quite good and interesting. It gives alternative rock vibe annd mature feeling especially the guitar sound.  Unfortunately I find this song rather boring because it's too repetitive in some parts. If you're interested, you could download Top Secret here.
  • Beloved
This song is the one which change my whole opinion of FT Island. "Eh.., they could make song like this?", that's what I thought the first time I listen to this song. If feels so "Japanese rock" >.<. A little bit remind me of Luna Sea's style. No wonder Hiroto-kun like them since he's a fan of Luna Sea. This song has dark feels to it. I haven't search the lyrics and meaning of this song yet but I could imagine this is a heart-break song. It deliver pains, sorrows and poignant really well. I recommend you to hear this song, you could download it here.
  • Here
This is an easy listening love song. I recommend it to people who like to listen to pop or uncomplicated song. Download it here.

After that, I listen to all FT Island discography! I have come to the conclusion that I love all their Japanese release & selected release of their Korean songs! That's all. Hope you like it ^o*.



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