Monday, June 25, 2012

Thieves Like Us

One of my favorite book store in Jakarta is Aksara Book Store that located in Pacific Place Mall. What I love about this book store is that it sells a lot of rare imported books that I've been trying to find in numerous book stores before without any luck. This post is under "Music" but why all of sudden I began to talk about this book store? ^0*

Aksara Book Store also sells some indie musics. Maybe we could say that this place is perfect for hipster. I accidentally come across music from an indie band called "Thieves Like Us" in Aksara Book Store and since then came to like their music. 

Thieves Like Us is an Swedish-American band from Germany. I think we could call their music genre as electronic and new wave. I haven't heard the whole album yet but I think their music is nice, quite relaxing and is worth to listen. Some example for their songs:

Bleed Bleed Bleed

You could download the song here

Forget Me Not

You could download the song here

Never Known Love

You could download the song here

I really recommended you to hear their music!!


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