Friday, May 11, 2012

Sashiburi Da Ne!!!

It's been a long time that i never post anything in this blog. Maybe because I'm busy. Maybe because I'm lazy. Maybe because there's something wrong in my life recently that it feels like I'm going crazy. Maybe because a bunch of other stupid reasons. But lets forget about all that whining, the show must go on.

If I look back years before, I feel that nowadays I'm really different with my old-self. Half of me change to be better, the other half worsen. For example, in creativity. When I was in junior and senior high school I love to write stories, poems, drama, but it's so hard for me now. I don't know. The words just came effortlessly when I'm young. It is easy to transformed what's on my mind into words.

Why? Naze? What makes this difference? That's what I'm currently searching. Maybe because as an adult I face so many sad reality that I lost trust in fantasy. I lost my imagination. Moreover, I work in a field that doubt everything except there are adequate evidences ^-^.

This blog is one of place that I hope can makes me know myself more. In this challenging world where everyone so busy fighting for this life, I lost my time for works, works, and works. It's time to give myself some me-time. Maybe while I'm searching inside myself through this journey, I could find the remaining fragments of my creativity. ^o^.


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