Saturday, March 10, 2012

Plastic Tree

Plastic Tree is one of my favorite Japanese band that have been existed for a really long time, since 1993. Wait, what?? You never heard anything about them?? Well, you could say that they're among many underrated band from Japan. Although renowned as Japan's The Cure, their music seemed to change and evolve with every album. It depends on your musical taste, but in my opinion their music is worth to listen.

Plastic Tree in Neo Genesis Magazine
This band consist of 4 talented musicians: 
  1. Ryutarou Arimura (Vocalist)
  2. Akira Nakayama (Guitarist)
  3. Tadashi Hasegawa (Bassist, leader)
  4. Kenken Sato (Drummer)
Kenken Sato is the newest drummer of Plastic Tree. They have changed drummer 4 times.

What capture me for the first time is Ryutarou Arimura's vocal. I don't know how to explain this, but he has a unique voice and unique style in singing. He's also the one who write most of Plastic Tree's lyrics. His lyrics is deep and have melancholic feeling to it.  That's why I love to hear their songs when I feel sad. 

His unique way of singing makes him one of my favorite Japanese Band vocalist. Not to mention that he's so handsome >////<. 

I love Akira-san guitar playing. He composed most of Plastic Tree's songs. Aside in Plastic Tree, he also guitarist of  Coaltar of the Deeper.

Plastic Tree leader. Somehow, he always associated with rain or storm or any kind of bad weather. ^ *. Is he some kind of raining man? 

Just like Ryutarou-san, Kenken is also a model. He's the youngest in Plastic Tree

Since they've been around for almost 20 years, they have so many good songs!! Here are some of my favorites!!

  • Fukurou
This song tell a story about someone that couldn't forget his/her previous lover despite now he/she is with someone else. The lyrics is beautiful

  • Spica
One of the most romantic songs from Plastic Tree.
  • Sanatorium
Hear this song makes me weep
  • Kuchuu Buranko
One of their most beautiful song
  • Alone Again, Wonderful World
Perfect song for broken heart people
  • Harusaki Sentimental
This is the perfect song to describe my believe in thing called love. The lyrics is so beautiful
  • Ghost
Perfect for head banging
  • Melt
As the title said, this song can make you melt
  • Rusty
One of their earliest songs
  • Fujunbutsu
Again. I could link this song to my personal experience. That's why this song is special for me
  • Utsusemi

This beautiful song about love that faded away could makes me cry

I really hope they'll get wider attention. It's too bad if good music is not heard by many people. ^-*


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