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One Piece

One Piece is a popular Japanese Shonen manga by Eichiro Oda, a former assistant of Nobuhiro Watsuki sensei on famous manga Rurouni Kenshin. This manga begin serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1997 and currently ranked as the best selling manga of all time in manga history! Wow!! Sasuga desu ne !!!
Despite frequently hear about how good this manga is, at first I'm not interested to read it at all. Well, as a girl, I prefer to read manga with beautiful illustration (and handsome boy in it >///<) and honestly, Eichiro Oda sensei's drawing isn't what I would call beautiful.  But about 8 years ago, out of curiosity I began to read One Piece and I love it!!! This manga which tell story about the adventure of Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who aim to be the Pirate King, just capture my heart *0^. 

I won't write the whole story here, you guys can read this manga or read it online on internet like in here. But I would tell you why I love this manga so much ^0^…

  •       I love the character in this manga

One Piece's main protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy is a sincere, good hearted and honest boy. Well, despite he is a gluttony (he has huge appetite & eats too much meat.  Eeuw…) and has a carefree personality, he's a good captain and willing to risk his life for his crew to the point that could make me shed tears.  He always use straw hat, a give from Red Hair Shanks, one of Yonko (Four Sea Emperor) who once save Luffy’s life. That’s way people call Luffy’s fleet as Straw Hat Pirates.
Sometimes Luffy seems like a stupid boy, reckless and rarely concerned with the consequence of his action. If I think about it now, I feel like he's actually understand his situation but choose to follow his instinct. He has great ambition to be the Pirate King. To fulfill his dream, Luffy planned to find at least 10 members (with abilities that he think necessary) as his crew. 
Most of main characters in this manga are interesting and well develop including all Straw Hat Pirates Crew, their enemies, Shicibukai, Yonko, and Marines. Here are some of characters in One Piece:

Luffy is the Captain of Straw Hat Pirates. He eat Devil Fruit, Gomu Gomu no Mi, that makes him a Rubber Man!! His dream is to be the Pirate King and to found the ultimate treasure, One Piece. I love Luffy so much! He is the strongest in Straw Hat Pirates and one of Eleven Supernova, 11 new pirates that has bounty more than 100 million belli.

Roronoa Zoro is the Swordsman of Straw Hat Pirates that once renowned as Zoro the Pirate Hunter. His signature move is the Three Swords Style (Santoryu). His ambition is to be the invincible swordsman and he's also one of Eleven Supernova.

Nami is the Navigator of  Straw Hat Pirates. Her special ability is to steal (laugh) and she has enormous knowledge about weather.  She's very clever. Clima tact is her weapon that specially made by Usopp for her. Its attack based on its ability to change weather condition. Later, Usopp upgrades her weapon to the Perfect Clima-Tact. Her dream is to make the world map. The story about Nami that I love the most is in Arlong Arc. I shed tears a lot when I read that story arc T.T.

Usopp is the Sniper of  Straw Hat Pirates. He was often labeled as "liar" because he loves to tell a made up story and initially act cowardly in every situation. His special ability is his accuracy in shooting and he loves to create weapons and traps. In Pre-Enies Lobby Arc, he had dispute with Luffy regarding decision to replace their ship, Going Merry, with another ship that resulted in Usopp leaving the Straw Hat Pirate. But to save Robin, he choose to come to Enies Lobby as his Alter Ego, Soge King, and eventually rejoin the group again. His goal is to be the brave warrior of the sea.

Sanji is the Chef of Straw Hat Pirates and one of the main battle force in the group. He really loves women and often so kind to them. His strength lies in his leg, hence he renowned as the Black Leg Sanji. He could use his hand in battles too but choose not to do it because he regards hands as precious thing for Chef and he doesn't want risking his hand to be injured in battles. Finding the legendary sea, All Blue, is his biggest dream. When marines create his wanted poster, they didn't take his photo correctly, therefore they use a sketch (laugh). Sanji is really furious to see that his poster is not similar with him at all (LOL). 

Tony Tony Chopper is the Doctor of Straw Hat Pirates. He's really cute!!!!! But don't mistaken. He is a devil fruit user that eat Hito Hito no Mi so he could talk even though he's a reindeer. When he eat his rumble balls he becomes a wild fighter!! Because marines thought that he's just the Straw Hat Pirates Pet, his bounty is just 50 belly (laugh). That's make him furious. His ambition is to become a doctor capable of treating every sickness

Nico Robin is the Archaeologist of Straw Hat Pirates.  She's really clever and has a sad story. Her story in Enies Lobby Arc makes me weep. T.T. In my opinion, Robin is the most mature one in the group. Her ambition is to find the hidden truth, unrecorded history of the world.

Franky is the Shipwright of Straw Hat Pirates. He is partly a cyborg and love to incorporate cool weapons to his body. He made Thousand Sunny, current Straw Hat Pirates's Ship. To be able to sail around the world and make ship built from the legendary Adam Wood is his ambition.

Brooke is the Musician and Swordsman of Straw Hat Pirates. He is a pervert and funny talking skeleton. Apart from his swordsmanship, he also could put enemy to sleep with his music. His wish is to return to his whale friend (Laboon). 

  • I love the story. Oda sensei love to make side story in which you never think that story has something significant in the development of the story line. For example, i thought the story about Laboon before they enter the Grand Line just an additional story. Who would have guess that Brooke, the 9th Member of Straw Hat Pirates is the friend that Laboon always waiting for? I love to be surprised (^.^). For those who haven't read One Piece, hurry up to read it. I really recommended this manga!!! But I guess it's also depend on your preference though. 



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