Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Band Apart - Detoxification EP (2011.06.17)

Actually I want to call this blog post a review, but since this is the first time I hear songs from this band, suddenly I lost my confidence (laugh XD). I might looks like someone who just interested in Japanese bands but actually I love any kind of music and love many kind of bands ^o^. From Vampire Weekend to Phoenix. From The Whitest Boy Alive to Mew. Mainstream or indie, as long as those bands are worth to listen, I will listen to their songs.

The Band Apart is one of Japanese's Indie Band. I don't know much about them, except that they consist of 4 members (XD) and was formed in 1997. As I heard rumor that The Band Apart is one of the best indie band in Japan, I started looking for their songs. Thanks to that rumor, out of the blue I write this and now you could read this post ^o*. The Band Apart always write their songs in English. They combine funk, jazz, rock, pop and electronic element to their music and I love it.

Detoxification EP consist only of 2 songs, and here are my opinion about them:
1. The Sun
I love this song from the first time I listen to it. Started with jazzy grove, this song involved funk rock bass-line and guitar but also feels pop at the same time.  I feel sound combination of the 2 guitarist in this song quite balance. I like the voice and especially love the folk guitar part.

2. Snow Lady
I love the intro and the rhythm but this song just didn't grow on me. I though this song is too plain and I don't really like the hook. Maybe I will love it later when I have more time to listen to it.

 If you interested, you could download this song here


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