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Speaking of Japanese music won't complete without speaking of L'Arc`en`Ciel (or Laruku, shorter name taken from their Japanese pronunciation, Laruku an Cieru), one of the most influential Japanese Band in the world to date. L'Arc`en`Ciel  will always have a special place in my heart because they're the first Japanese Band that I listen. I know and subsequently falling in love with Japanese Rock scene, it's all thanks to them! 

 Their look for their latest single Good Luck My Way

Laruku consist of 4 great musicians. Hyde on vocal, Tetsu on bass, Ken on guitar, and Yukihiro on drum. They have 3 former members, Hiro and Pero (back in their indies day) and Sakura (their former drummer, fired because drug abuse). I won't write their discography or biography here, you can find it on wikipedia (it's quite complete). I just want to write my opinion about them.

I accidentally knew about Laruku in 2005. Well, I ever heard their name before but the first time I listen to their music was when I found "Clicked Single Best 13" album in my university's internet cafe. I copied the album by impulse, i didn't sure why. Maybe just curiosity? And I love it. 

At first, I found that Japanese music is quite hard to understand. It's different from any kind of music that I've ever heard before. Fortunately, I'm used to hear a lot of different kind of music (even the weird ones). That's why I was quickly love L'Arc~en~Ciel's music. 

What's caught my attention is Tetsu's melodic bass playing. Maybe that's also the reason I fall in love with Japanese rock music, because bass plays a very important role. I really love Tetsu that I put him equal with Flea, bassist of Red Hot Chilli Pepper which also my favorite bassist of all time. He collect a lot of Bass (around 120).

He's not only talented, but also handsome *o*
Other reason why I love this band is Hyde's voice. I Really love his voice and he sounds great in live concert too. He write most of Laruku's lyrics and in my personal opinion, his lyrics are touching and beautiful.

Both his voice and his face is undeniably beautiful
But of course, Ken-chan and Yuki-chan are good guitarist and drummer too, respectively. 


Came to replace Sakura as drummer, at first Sakura's fans didn't like him.
But despite this, yukihiro quickly got accepted to L'Arc
Each members has their own solo project, like Vamps, Creature Creature, Acid Android and Son of All Pussy, which different with Laruku's style. 

If you new to this band, I recommended you to listen to their popular songs, such as:
  • Dive to Blue
  • Hitomi no Jyuunin
  • New World
  • My Heart Draws a Dream
  • Lies and Truth
  • Daybreak's Bell
  • Shine
  • Pieces
  • Heaven's Drive
  • Flower
  • Honey
  • Heaven's Drive
  • Driver's High
  • Forbidden lover
  • Kasou
  • Stay Away
and many more...(they've been around for 20 years so of course they had a lot of songs!).

But for me, they have a lot of unpopular songs that deserve more fame and attention such as:

1. Wind of Gold

2. Sell my Soul

3. As if in a Dream

4. Loreley

5. Fate

6. All Dead

And many more. 

So, what's your favorite song from them??


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